Making Reservations

Dining out is a pleasurable experience that many people like to enjoy on a regular schedule. Here are some suggestions on making reservations to ensure that you get a table. For popular restaurants such as, Junkyard Bar & Grill, it may be necessary to call several days ahead. Some days of the week are busier than others. Sundays through Wednesdays are less crowded than the weekends. Be clear about the number in your party. If it changes, phone ahead so that the restaurant can better accommodate your group. Even a difference of one person may affect the way seating is organized for an evening. If only a portion of your party has arrived at the proper time, inform the host. You may be asked to wait to be seated until all of your party is present, allowing the host to assist other guests. Be polite. Even with a reservation, on busy nights guests are sometimes asked to wait until a table becomes available. Hovering around the host station or insisting on being seated immediately does not help. Being polite and understanding may work for you in getting a table faster or a better table. Being rude may result in a table in an unpleasant spot. If the restaurant is one that you frequent often, establish a relationship with the host. Tipping the host is allowed in some establishments, but not all. A discreet tip may help you get a special table or be worked in on a busy night. Enjoy your fine dining.

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